Meet the Team of Firearm Product Innovation Consultants

Bachstein Consulting is comprised of the best engineers the firearms development. Our engineers hold multiple patents for pistol and rifle designs and have worked at the best firearms manufacturing facilities. With our decades of experience, supporting clients in both the government and private industry, we have the expertise to meet the variety of challenges inherent to bringing products to market. Our whole team of engineers, machinists, and support staff are available to implement your program.

Our team been a driving factor in developing firearm technology for over a decade. We are proud to support the American citizens, Law Enforcement, and Military Professionals who protect our way of life.  We are a small business registered in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Founder of Bachstein Consulting

Kyle J Bachstein, President

Kyle graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Military Studies. He also studied Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. While working for the US Army as a Lead Test Officer, Kyle validated new products before soldiers carried them into combat. This includes sniper rifles, grenade launchers, ammunition, and optics. This mission is carried through into all projects, ensuring every product is ready for battle. Kyle led Engineering Research and Development efforts at Sig Sauer, winning contracts with customers such as the US Army, USSOCOM, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies.
Chief of Engineering

Kathryn Hack, Chief of Engineering

Kathryn graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Applied Mathematics. She started her career at Sig Sauer where she was a member of the Special Weapons Development Group, winning contract awards with her products designed for military applications. She holds patents for design work on both handguns and rifles, for multiple companies in the firearms industry. Her experience in Quality Assurance is invaluable in writing processes and procedures for Quality Management Systems. Kathryn ensures open communication with our vendors, leading to high quality parts in all our products. Kathryn has also trained inspectors in GD&T and written inspection reports and processes.

Kathryn is a Certified ASME GD&T Professional
Pistol Engineer

Jesse Carr, Lead Pistol Engineer

With more than 16 years of experience in the firearms industry, Jesse has designed firearms for some of the world’s foremost manufacturers. He holds several patents for firearm designs and has been the lead engineer on pistols, suppressors, and rifles for US and foreign military, law enforcement, and commercial end users. His commitment to excellence and passion for the defense industry drives robust and innovative designs that set the industry standard. Jesse has his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire with a focus on fluid dynamics.

Mike Guttridge, Engineer

Early in his career, Mike spent a decade in the construction industry with a mechanical plumbing firm that focused primarily on large municipal projects. Pivoting to the firearms industry in 2016, Mike utilized his existing technical background and quickly established himself as a capable designer and product manager. In his role as Director of Product Management for a rapidly growing firearms company, he managed development of a complete pistol product line. Now based in Boise, Mike focuses his passion for firearms on supporting the industry as an engineer with a focus on industrial design, manufacturability, and end user acceptance.
Joe Wall

Joe Wall, Engineer

Joe graduated from George Washington University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and jumped right into the firearms industry. He has spent his career working on new product development and manufacturing teams at Marlin Firearms, Remington Arms, and Taurus Firearms. He has led design projects and contributed design work on a wide range of pistol, revolver, and rifle programs that have successfully launched to production. With Taurus he managed production engineering and led Lean Six Sigma implementation initiatives company wide. In 2016, Joe founded Joe Wall Design with his wife, a jewelry company inspired by firearm design that has become a premier brand within the industry niche. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Joe continues to support the firearms industry with his experience in product design, lean manufacturing, program management, and new startup consulting.

Amber Bachstein, Engineer

Amber graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Prior to co-founding Bachstein Consulting, she spent 7 years in Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing for major defense companies, including L3 Harris and Optics 1. Amber was the lead Quality Engineer and managed the qualification effort for the ENVG-B US Army and SOCOM contracts while at L3 Harris. Currently Amber is our lead machinist, programming and producing Bachstein Consulting prototype parts.
Firearms Development Technician

Joshua Coombs, Firearms Development Technician

Joshua Coombs is a father of two kids who served for 18 years in the United States Army as an infantryman. He is a veteran of 5 combat tours and is currently a member of the North Carolina Army National Guard. In addition to his military service, he has 8 years of experience as a gun shop manager and a gunsmith.
Pat Sherwood

Pat Sherwood, Business Developement

Pat has many years of experience in the firearms industry including retail sales, testing, prototyping and project management. Pat has been active in shooting sports for over 20 years. Pat’s passion in shooting sports is long range precision and he has experience shooting out to 1000 yards. Pat graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in management.

Frank Bis, Project Manager

A graduate of Ohio State University, Frank has 17 years of experience working at a leading research and development (R&D) institute in Columbus, Ohio, with a focus on energetic systems and security technology. His broad cross-functional background ranges from lead researcher through program and operations management. He provided solutions for both Government and industrial clients in the areas of National defense, force protection, anti-terrorism, intelligence, and transportation security systems. Frank provides program management for Bachstein Consulting working with clients from project inception through delivery.